MCAT Mastery Companion Course

taught by Jason Spears
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Course description

I teach you how to think like a doctor so you can pass your exam while MCAT prep companies only teach you science content which is why you're struggling to earn a top MCAT score.

Discover how the MCAT Mastery Companion Course used with Kaplan, Princeton Review, ExamKrackers can be your bulletproof approach for MCAT success with the least amount of time or struggle.

This is a jam-packed course of only high yield study tips and test-taking strategies covering:

  • Laying foundation for success
  • Getting the most out of your diagnostic MCAT
  • How to maximize each study session
  • Never forget what you studied, even from Day 1
  • Performance review to keep your score trending upward
  • A lawyer's secret to dominating CARS
  • The $7,000 strategy to outsmart the test writer

Trust me if you want to get into medical school you cannot walk away without the MCAT Mastery Companion course.

Each year the competition is stiffer for getting into medical school with over 60% of first time applicants REJECTED.

Are you giving yourself every advantage possible?

You know it and I know it, there's a premed Gunner out there who is ruthlessly plotting his march to his White Coat ceremony. He will brag about his "stats" but never tell you how or what he used to prepared for the MCAT.

This is your chance to invest in yourself, get laser-focused about your MCAT prep and walk away knowing you're on your way to becoming a DOCTOR.

Invest in your future with the MCAT Mastery Companion course and I will guide you to success. I believe in your potential to get into medical school and it all starts with your MCAT score.

Take action and get the MCAT Mastery Companion Course today!

Jason Spears
Jason Spears
Student Dr. Spears

4th year medical student in New York City and the founder of

Master of Arts in Medical Sciences from Boston University School of Medicine.

Served as the President of the Premedical Society while at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) where he received his B.A. in Political Science.

Premedical coursework completed at Harvard Summer School (Cambridge, MA).