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Jason Spears
Jason Spears
Dr. Jason Spears

About the Instructor

Newly graduated doctor who attended medical school in New York City and the founder of DoctorPremed.com.

Master of Arts in Medical Sciences from Boston University School of Medicine.

Served as the President of the Premedical Society while at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) where he received his B.A. in Political Science.

Premedical coursework completed at Harvard Summer School (Cambridge, MA).

Are you struggling to maintain a certain GPA?

Exams coming up and need some last minute strategies?

Finally, you want to get off the yoyo of barely passing or just failing by a few points.

Maybe you want a transformation like Justin had?

Justin came to me as senior in college who was failing his biochemistry class a course he needed for graduation.

I jumped on the phone with him, got some background information from him and then for the next 30 minutes gave him every tip and strategy possible that he should begin using immediately if he wanted to pass his class.

Justin, took everything to heart and in less than 4 weeks he was now ahead in the class.

His professor was completely shocked at how fast and how well he had done because they were unaware that Justin got expert help.

Justin's story is not unique. If you're struggling academically or want to improve your GPA then you will want to get your hands on my High Yield Study Skills Course.

It was created for students just like you.

It's me giving you your very own tutoring session you can access anytime, anywhere. So stay in your comfy clothes without having to leave your bed.

But seriously if you're looking for help so you can set the curve in class, maintain your academic status or start passing for once then you absolutely need this video course.

I'm bringing you the best tips and strategies in the world so you can improve your stats and have a fighting chance of getting into medical school. It all begins with my High Yield Study Skills course.

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